Understand User Roles

We understand that businesses have sales teams, marketing teams, support teams, and many others roles, but you really don’t want to give access to sensitive website functionality to someone who “doesn’t know what they’re doing” or perhaps even have malicious intent.

Groundhogg has added several new user roles to help make giving your teams access to the correct information and nothing more.

Quick refresher on user roles…

WordPress has a versatile built in user management system. You can assign different roles to different users, and every role has it’s own user permissions.

Groundhogg has many capabilities, several for each of it’s modules.You can use plugins to modify the roles we’ve added, or apply capabilities to existing roles.

The New Roles…

By default all the capabilities for Groundhogg’s modules are added to the Administrator role.

In addition Groundhogg adds two new roles.

  • Marketer
  • Sales Manager

The Marketer Role

The new “Marketer role” means exactly that; anyone who is a marketer in your company, or 3rd party supplier.

The Marketer role is similar to the editor role in that they will have editing access across most of the website content while protecting key areas such as plugins and settings.

The Marketer role will be given total access to Groundhogg EXCEPT for the ability to edit any options.

The Sales Manager Role

This role is very limited and essentially only has access to the contact’s database and controlling funnel events.

The Sales Manager can cancel or schedule funnel events for contacts which they are the owner of.

They can add, delete, view and edit contacts as well. But they do not have exporting capabilities.

A unique feature of the sales manager role is that they can only see contacts that are assigned to them. This is important when segmenting and assigning leads among your sales team.

Pro Tip…

Use this plugin ==> https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ to edit permissions for your other WordPress roles if you want to grant them specific access to Groundhogg.

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