Emails Not Sending

There are a variety of reasons why your emails may not be sending on time or at all. But we have answers to all of them! 

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Check Your Spam Folder:

Hey, you never know. Often times email ends up in the spam folder and we forget to check. 

Too avoid ending up in the spam folder you should ensure your domain has DKIM and SPF authentication and your phone number, address and privacy policy are all included in your email.

Hosting Limitations:

If you are sending emails directly from you host (which we do not recommend) many of them impose limits on how many you can send per day. Please check with your hosting company if there is a limit on the number of emails sent per day.

For example, GoDaddy imposes a limit of 100 emails per day on their shared hosting plans.

Wrong Time Zone:

Many of us forget to set our timezone settings in WordPress which can lead to emails being sent at strange times. Groundhogg automatically compensates for your timezone, so you have to make sure that it is set appropriately.

To set your time zone go to the WordPress  general settings and select the appropriate time zone.

Too Little Traffic:

Emails get sent out based on a WP Cron job, but WP Cron requires traffic to the site to initiate. If you don’t have a stable source of traffic you should set up your system scheduler to ensure that emails get sent on time.

You can visit this article for a full explanation.

Bad SMTP Setup:

If you are using an SMTP service it is always worth double checking your connection. Your credentials may have been incorrectly input, you plan details may have changed, or a variety of other issues on their end.

If you have verified your SMTP is working fine, then try some of the other suggestions.

Invalidated Email:

Whenever you send email from Groundhogg you have to choose a “from” user. Ensure that all email addresses you are sending from are properly validated with your SMTP/Email provider. It is best practice to send emails from an email address directly associated with your domain.

Sending from an invalidated email address will result in emails failing to deliver on the end of your SMTP which we cannot track or warn you about.

Compliance Settings Are Too Strict:

It may be possible some of your list are not receiving emails because your compliance settings are too strict.

Your compliance settings can be found under Groundhogg > Settings > Marketing > Compliance.

Verify that you only have the options enable that you require.

You can check to see if certain contacts are receiving emails dependent on their optin status by opening their contact record and checking their email status underneath the email address field.

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