How To Schedule Emails

The way that Groundhogg sends emails, or really processes any automation at all is through what is called an “Event Queue.”

Whenever automation becomes scheduled, such as an email, that action/event will be added to a queue.

Every 5 or so minutes, the queue will iterate over all of the events which are to be run and process them.

This is done to keep Groundhogg low maintenance and save on server resources.

If you find that emails aren’t sending fast enough for example after a user fills out a form, then you can choose to change the time in between iterations of the event queue.

Go to Groundhogg > Settings and at the bottom, under Misc, you will find a setting called Queue Interval.

Changing this interval will result in the Queue operating at either a 1 minute, 5 minute, or 10 minute interval.

The default interval is 5 minutes. In Groundhogg V2.0 queue interval is locked to 1 Minute.


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