2. Basic Setup & Settings

Once you click that install and activate button, you will be redirected to the Groundhogg welcome page where you can find links to some of our premium extensions as well as some links to more advanced documentation.

We’ll leave that to later though…

Finding the Settings.

We want to setup Groundhogg with our preferred settings and information.

The first thing we’ll want to do is find the settings area from the admin menu. The new Groundhogg menu item will be near the top of the menu below the dashboard in most cases.

If you have no extensions installed, you’ll find the settings to be the last menu item.

Business Information.

Once you have the settings open you’ll want to fill out your business information.

This information is required for compliance reasons. So go ahead and fill that information out.

Misc Settings.

Under the business information there is a section for Misc Settings. Here we have some more advanced settings to think about.

Delete Groundhogg Data: If for any reason you no longer want Groundhogg to send your email, you can enable the delete Groundhogg data and when you remove Groundhogg from WordPress.

Max Queued Events: This will only be necessary if you have lists of 10,000 or more. Processing automation can be resource consuming and it’s generally a good idea to limit the maximum number of executions to a manageable number depending on your hosting package.

Queue Interval: This will allow you to choose how quickly you want your queue to run. See this article for more details. Recommended is every 5 minutes.

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