In an effort to protect the privacy of it’s citizens at home and worldwide, any business who collects the contact information of European citizens, regardless of geographical location MUST comply with the GDPR. (General Data Protection Regulation)

The Rules of GDPR:

  • Your business address and phone number must be present in the footer of every marketing & transnational emails sent on behalf of your company.
  • A clearly labeled unsubscribe link must be in the footer of every email.
  • You must honor any unsubscribe request across all your marketing en-devours.
  • Subject lines must not be misleading, and information contained in emails must also not be misleading.
  • All emails must be confirmed before they can receive marketing.
  • Contacts can make a request of informant in which you as a business must disclose any information you’ve collected about a contact.
  • Contacts can request that you delete or anonymize any information you’ve collected thus far.
  • Contacts must give explicit consent before you can legally send them marketing.

Remember, even if you operate outside of the EU, if you serve EU customers than you must comply with these regulations.

See below how you can implement Groundhogg tools to make this process easy.

Got to marketing settings

Enable GDPR features

Add GDPR Consent to forms.

When editing a form add the GDPR field which will auto-generate a compliant GDPR checkbox.

In the contact record under compliance you can see when they explicitly consented to marketing.

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