The United States has it PRETTY easy when it comes to compliance.

As a society based on the free market, their marketing and technology regulations are slim at best.

Thus compliance is made fairly easy…

The CAN-SPAM act, (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003) was basically intended to keep automated sexual advances out of your work inbox.

Whether it was successful or not is up to interpretation, but it does mean that if you are in violation of some basic rules very heavy fines can be levied against your organization.

The Rules of CAN-SPAM:

  • Your business address and phone number must be present in the footer of every marketing & transnational emails sent on behalf of your company.
  • A clearly labeled unsubscribe link must be in the footer of every email.
  • You must honor any unsubscribe request across all your marketing en-devours.
  • Subject lines must not be misleading, and information contained in emails must also not be misleading.

All in all, you basically just have to run a legitimate business and you’ll be OKAY.

Groundhogg will automatically generate a CAN SPAM compliant footer in all emails as long as you have all of your business information set in the settings.

Ensure all your business information is filled out correctly so that yoru CAN-SPAM compliant footer will be auto-generated.

Make sure your contact endpoints are correctly set, and that the email preferences form is on the email preferences page. Otherwise contacts will be unable to unsubscribe leaving you on the wrong side of the law.

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