Getting started

Groundhogg provides a RESTful API which allows users to retrieve data remotely using a JSON format. Using the RESTful API users can manage contacts, emails, SMS and tags remotely.

By default, Groundhogg enables its REST API. If you want to disable it you can do that from Groundhogg->Settings->API page.

Groundhogg registers different endpoints using which you can communicate with Groundhogg. To view all the Groundhogg endpoints available go to following link.

Here you can see new namespace is added which is gh/v3/ and you can also able to view all the endpoints are available for the Groundhogg with the details about access methods and require parameters.

The Groundhogg API provides direct access to admin methods thus, authentication is an inevitable part of using the API.

Every user who wants to access API, need to provide a public key and token to access API. To create keys for any user of your website select a user from the drop-down list on the API settings page and click on [Generate New API Keys]. Using these new keys your users will be able to access the API.

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