How to leave a review

Feeling kind and enjoy the work we do? Then you can help us help you by leaving a review! (Ooh that rhymed!)

If you are familiar with how the ecosystem works then great! You probably do not need to read this.

If you’ve never left a review for a WordPress plugin before, then here are some instructions on how to do just that.

Create an account

If you’ve never created a account, you can do that below:

Create a review

You can go straight to leaving a review now! Go to and write your review.

Tips for reviewing

The forum moderators can be quite picky, and reviews that raise certain flags will result in your review being deleted.

What makes a good review

  • Short and sweet, 1 or 2 sentences at most
  • Keep it informal

Example of a good review:

Things to avoid:

  • Links
  • Mentions of ROI
  • Super long reviews
  • Buzzwords and marketing lingo
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