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Can I use Groundhogg on a seperate WordPress install and keep it off my main site? I’m worried that Groundhogg will slow down my main site.

The short answer is yes you can, but you shouldn’t. Let’s dissect it further.

Will Groundhogg slow down my site?

No, it will not. Groundhogg is extremely lightweight and uses separate database tables for everything. Meaning it has no impact on the regular functionality of your site at all.

We measured its impact on a clean WordPress install at 0.038 seconds on the frontend and 0.052 seconds on the backend.

So, if your worry is speed impact, it’s not a worthwhile worry.

Can I use it on sperate WordPress install?

You can, but it’s not worth it.

Where Groundhogg is located makes a big difference as to which features will work and which others will not.

You will lose many of the features that make Groundhogg special in the first place.

Features that won’t work.

These are the features you’ll miss out on.


  • New User
  • Web Form (Shortcode only)
  • Role Changed
  • Logged In
  • Page Visited


  • Create User


  • Woocommerce integration
  • EDD integration
  • All Form Integrations
  • LMS integrations

Other Features

  • User Sync

If you’d like to have access to these features in the future then you need to install Groundhogg on your main site.

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