Exporting Contacts

Exporting contacts is easy! We provide a few ways to allow you export lists of contacts quickly and painlessly.

From the Contacts screen, there will be a button next to the bulk actions which will prompt you to export the current list of contacts.

The number show will change depending on the current query. For example if you wanted to export a list of contacts who received a certain email, you would go to the reporting of the mentioned email and click the link that shows the contact, and the export button will reflect that list.

Once you click the export button, you will be brought to a page that looks like this.

Allow the report to be generated, depending on the size of your list this may take several moments.

Once the report has been generated you will be directed back to the contacts screen where you will be prompted to download your file.

If for some reason you need to re-download that file, you can go to Tools > Exports to download the file again, you will not need to regenerate the report.

The file names are encrypted and obfuscated to prevent direct access from potential threats.

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