Signed Contracts

Groundhogg signed contracts is a solution to expensive digital signing platforms like DocuSign. Using this addon your customers can sign digital contracts directly from your website.

You can download the Groundhogg signed contract addon from Groundhogg website (click here) and install it on your website. Once you successfully integrated signed contracts, you will be able to see a new menu under Groundhogg tab named contracts.

Managing Contracts

You can access your contracts from contract menu inside Groundhogg tab. Here, you can view all the contracts created, add new contacts and view/print contracts signed by your customers.

To add new contracts for your customer click on add new button. It will open a new page where you can enter contract details. You can also edit an existing contract by clicking on their name.

Once your contract is ready click on save. It will generate shortcode for your contract. You can copy newly generated shortcode for your contract and past that on your website.

If you want to view all the signed contracts by the customer then you can view them by clicking on Signed Contracts. Contract owner can view and print contract.

Signing Contracts

Once you add shortcode in your page it will display contract to the users. If your contract contains replacement code then it’s values will be automatically fetched from contact details.

Your contracts contains sign panel which users can sign using various input devices like mouse or touch screen.

Once a customer successfully signed the contract it will redirect them to the success page where they can view their signed contract.

From the success page users can print their contact as well which looks like follows.

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