Custom Replacement Code

Groundhogg provides functionality to use replacement codes. Up till now, users are dependent upon using inbuilt replacement code. But now users can create their own replacement codes by using Custom replacement Code add-on. This lightweight add-on is the perfect solution for creating personalized replacement codes that can be used anywhere replacement codes are accepted.

When you have similar text throughout several areas and don’t want to have to change each of them individually, you can use a custom replacement code instead to change them all at once. 

You can download the groundhogg custom replacement code addon from Groundhogg website (click here) and install it on your website. Once you successfully integrated custom replacement code addon, you will be able to see a new menu under Groundhogg tab named Replacements.

Add Replacement code

To add custom replacement code go to Replacements tab under Groundhogg menu. Once you reach there you will be able to view page to add custom codes. as well as you can see the codes which are already added. You need to fill all the details in and click on Add New Replacement. It will adds replacement code inside Groundhogg.

Use replacement code

Once you successfully added replacement code inside the database you will be able to view all the newly added replacement code in replace code section. You can copy code name from this section and past it where replacement codes are accepted.

Edit Replacement code

Groundhogg provides functionality to edit and delete custom codes generated by the users. To edit replacement code you need to click on edit button under the replacement code and it will lead you to edit screen. You can update details of your replacemnt code from here.

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