Calendar Settings pre 2.0

Groundhogg appointments provides various settings using which calendar owners can manage their appointments efficiently and with ease.

General Settings

Groundhogg Appointments contains three different fields as a general settings. Which contains owner of calendar, Name of calendar and description of calendar. In general section calendar name and calendar owner are mandatory fields to enter thus value of those field are compulsory to enter while creating calendar.

Business Hours Settings

Using business hours settings user can manage their weekly schedule and set their default availability.

Working Days: working days display availability of calendar owner and displays appointment only on workdays selected by the users. Its also prevent admin form drag and drop appointment form out of business hour day.

Start Time: This is a time workday start for calendar owner. Appointment displayed to the client start from this time. The default value for this field is 9:00 AM.

End Time : This time is a end time of working hours for the calendar owner. There will be no appointments after this time for calendar owner. Default value for this field is 5:00 PM.

Time Slots Settings

Time slots settings used to manage time slots displayed to a client during the appointment booking process.

Length of appointment: This value represents length of a single appointment with the calendar owner. The default value for this field is 1 hour.

Buffer Time: This filed represents buffer time after appointment completed. The default value for this field is 0 minutes. Calendar owner can put buffer time up to 59 minutes between two appointments.

Make Me Look Busy: This feature used to display a limited number of appointment to a client during the appointment booking process. The default value for this field is 0 which displays all the appointment available to the client. NOTE: You need to log out to view the effect of this feature. It will display all the appointments available if calendar owner is logged in and this feature only works on client-side which provide much more selection of appointments to admins.

Time Slot Title: This text will be displayed as a slot title when a client tries to book an appointment for a calendar owner. You can customize this title to make it user-friendly.

Custom Message: This message will be displayed to clients when they successfully booked appointment using Groundhogg appointments. In this section calendar owners can display a custom message and style them using basic HTML.

Calendar Style Settings

Groundhogg appointments provide the functionality to change the look and feel of calendar on client-side and users can do that using calendar styling option. In this section calendar, the owner can change calendars main colour and font colour. They can also select a different colour for a selected time slot.

Google Calendar Settings

Groundhogg appointment provides 2-way sync functionality with Google Calendar. Users can access and manage their google calendar settings from the calendar’s edit page. Calendar owner can compare multiple Google Calendar while displaying available time slots. Form this section calendar owner can select calendar which calendars to compare while displaying available time slots.

Appointment Reminders

NOTE: This is only a temporary solution for appointment reminders as a new version of the Booking Calendar is expected in September 2019.

To get started, you will need the latest version of the Booking calendar Add-on 1.2.5 and the latest version of Groundhogg

Whenever new appointments have created the start and ending dates are added to the contact’s custom fields (meta) which will allow you to use them in the Field Timer action.

In the Custom info tab, they will look something like this.

These fields might not show up right away, so please create a new appointment from the Admin or the frontend to add these fields to any contact record.

Once you’ve verified that these fields exist for at least 1 contact record, you’ll be able to use them in the field timers following any Appointment benchmark.

Note: that if a client books multiple appointments this will overwrite the pre-existing meta keys and thus the timers will reflect the new appointment times.

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