Create Google Calendar Client Id and secret pre 2.0

To connect your Groundhoog appointment calendar with your google calendar you need to create google client Id and client secret please follow bellow step to get your client ID  and secret.

  • Open google developer console(click me) and create new project.
  • Once your project created successfully you will be able to see Enable API Services link.
  • Enable Google calendar API if it is not already enabled by clicking on the “Enable APIs and services” button.
  • After clicking on “Enable APIs and service”  button you will be able to view search screen as follows. In search screen search for “Google Calendar API” when you see Google Calendar API select it.
  • Click on “Google Calendar API”.It opens a new screen as follows. find “Enable” button and click on it.
  • After enabling Google Calendar API navigate your self to Credentials section of your Google project. 
  • Under the “Credentials” section, click on the “create credentials” button and then select “Help me choose”.
  • In the displayed section fill the form with same details displayed in below picture and click on “what credentials do I need?” button.
  • At the second step, Enter “Name” for your OAuth Client ID and then click on “Create OAuth client ID” button. 
  • At the third step, enter your “Product name” which will displayed to users. you can also customize your authentication screen by selecting “More customization options”. Once you are satisfied with your consent screen click on “Continue” button.
  • At the fourth step, you will be able to view your client ID you can download it form here. Once your ID generated successfully click “Done” to finish this process.
  • Navigate your self to Credentials section again an click on your newly created key. It will open new screen and you will be able to view Client Id and client secret on this screen.
  • Open Groundhogg > Settings > Calendar screen and enter Google client ID and Client secret key in space provided and click “Save Changes”
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