Groundhogg Service

Amazon Web Services are one of the leading players in providing cloud base services. Groundhogg services use Amazon’s Simple Email Service(SES) to send effective emails as well as Simple Notification Service(SNS) to send SMS.

You can register for Groundhogg Services using Groundhogg plugin as well as you can use the official Groundhogg website to signup your self for Groundhogg services.

When you register for Groundhogg services we will register your domain with AWS for sending emails. Groundhogg Services uses public domain records to verify identify of your domain. Groundhogg Services can only send emails using your domain name once it is able to find public records.

You can view your public domain records in the Groundhogg setting page or you can log in on your groundhogg account to view your records. Once you have a record you can go to your DNS zone settings and add records.

Checking Records

Groundhogg services check your domain public details to verify records to send emails. These records are important because it signs the email. signed emails have higer chances to reach your client’s inbox.

This procedure is fairly simple as copy past but in some cases, some users use a subdomain or place their public records at the wrong place.

You can check your public records using various ways one of them is DNS checker(click here) and make sure Groundhogg will be able to verify it successfully.

You can use DNS checker to check public detail of your domain. just copy your TXT record name from the list and past that into DNS Checker and select record type as TXT.

Groundhogg services can only verify your domain if these public records are available in your domain.

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