How to test 2.0

If you’d like to help Groundhogg move towards 2.0, this is how you can do it!

We DO NOT RECOMMEND ever installing nonofficial releases on live sites as they are “unstable” and may cause issues with other plugins. The purposes of releasing pre-release versions are to catch those potential issues ahead of time.

Where to test pre-releases?

We recommend either setting up a localhost. We recommend using Wamp64 as it’s the easiest to get started with.

For instructions on how to setup a localhost using Wamp64 please see here.

Otherwise, you can set up a staging environment using whichever tools your host provides.

How to install a pre-release:

Installing is fairly simple. Simply click the button below and install the zip file as a regular plugin.

Providing Feedback:

You can provide feedback by opening a github issue for the relevant Groundhogg version.

How to open a github issue.

Please submit issues in this repository ==>

Updating test versions:

Unfortunately, there is no way to auto-update to new pre-release versions at this time. So you will have to manually update to new versions.

Simply uninstall the old version as you would delete any old plugin, and install the new version.

Alternatively, you can use FTP to overwrite the old files with any new files.

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