Groundhogg has an awesome funnel sharing system that allows you to sell or share your funnels with clients or between sites.

There are two methods for sharing funnels!

Direct Export.

In the funnel editor look for the button which says Export Funnel

Click on it and your funnel will export directly to your computer.

Share Link

The second method is to provide a direct download sharing link. This makes it easy to share funnels on social media or in emails.

To copy the share link click the Share icon in the funnel header and copy the link from the popup.

What gets exported?

All the steps in a funnel are exported with the settings they were configured with.

If emails are present in the funnel, those emails will be copied over to wherever they get imported to. Email information such as sender & author will be set to the current user.

Tags will be re-created if they to not already exist in the target WordPress installation.


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