Groundhogg provides amazing reporting view to help users to analyze the performance of funnel. using reporting view users can view contacts activity in each and every step. You can reach to reporting view of the funnel by toggling “Editing” switch.

In reporting view you will be able to see the graph of your funnel it displays the number of contacts in each step of your funnel. you can change the time range of this graph by selecting time slots from the top. Once you change the time range you need to click refresh to update the values of funnel reporting view.

Reporting view also displays all the status for benchmarks and actions.

Benchmark status updated when the user completes any action and moved to the next step. Most benchmarks has one reporting status of competed.

Special benchmark like WebForm contains some extra information in their reporting view. Webform benchmarks display the number of page views combined with the number of Forms filled and also displays customer conversion rate in percentage along with benchmark completed status.

Actions reporting displays status of an action. actions status can be waiting or completed at a time. When action steps execute actions and send contact into event queue that state called a waiting state. Once action successfully executes by event queue status of step changes to completed state.

Special actions like send emails contain additional pieces of information about email status. Users can able to see numbers of emails opened by a customer as well as a counter of the links clicked by customers. It will also display click-through rate of emails in percentage along with the status of the action.

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