Web Form

The web form benchmark is the most versatile benchmark Groundhogg offers with the greatest array of customization features.

It is triggered whenever someone fills out the form provided.


There are 2 methods for placing a form.


The shortcode can be used anywhere on your site where shortcodes can be placed.

Copy the shortcode from the top field of the form benchmark.


Alternatively you can use JavaScript code to place the form on any site that isn’t yours or anywhere that doesn’t accept shortcodes.

Note, the JavaScript is an Iframe.


The only setting is the Thank you page setting. You can either choose a page on your site or an external page elsewhere.


The actual form fields and editor is a shortcode based editor.

There are buttons atop the editor signifying the multiple types of fields you can add. Click on one to add it.

Rows & Columns

If you want to get some layout going, you can use the row & column buttons to insert rows and columns.

Reserved Fields

Some fields are specially formatted fields which map to special areas in the contact record. These are highlighted below.

Custom Fields

There are a variety of custom fields which you can add to your form. Simply select the type of field you want to show up and add it to your form.

These fields will be added to the contact record and the responses to the fields will show up in the “Custom Meta” area of the contact record.

The access/fields name of the custom field will either be a sanitized version of the label, or you can define a “name” when creating the field.

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