Send Email

The Send Email action is used when you wish to send an email to a contact. There are two methods to send emails.

Pro Tip: Use the Groundhogg Email Service to improve deliverabilty!

Confirmation Emails

If you have a confirmation link present in your email the step will display an option to “Skip if already confirmed.”

By enabling this setting any contacts which reach this step and have already confirmed their email address will skip the email and will be moved forward in the funnel to the nearest Email Confirmed benchmark.

How To Use

Do not place two email steps back to back. There is a required minimum time between emails sent. Please place a timer in between any emails actions or seperate email steps with a benchmark.


You will be able to select which email you want to send from your global database of emails.

If you want to edit the email, or create a new email you can do so by hovering over the email element and clicking the respective button.


Duplicating an email step does not duplicate the email it self. It just duplicates the step. Thus if you want to send a different email or slightly edited version of the lat email you will have to go through the “create new email” process and duplicate the email from the “my emails tab.”

By clicking on the “Edit Email” button you can directly edit the email from the funnel page.

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